Random value from csv in a repeat statement

Hi folks,

I want to choose random value for every iteration for csv file

.repeat(3){ // repeating the iteration 3 times and everytime i want that new value it takes from the csv file
feed(search)// Here i am putting the csv file

.get("/en/search/searchkey?text=${product}")// product is name of the column in csv file


.exec( session => {
val listB=session( “test1” ).as[List[String]]// converting the session variable test1 into list
val size = listB.size// size of the list
val OrderRef = r.nextInt(size);
val test12=listB(OrderRef)

println( “Size of list is” )
println( test12 )

.exec( session => {
println( “product:” )
println( session( “product” ).as[String] )// Using session variable i am printing the value which is fetched from csv file