RE: [Gatling List] Re: Distributed load testing with Gatling, is

it possible???
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No examples or tutorial, sorry. The ability to combine simulation logs
when reporting is part of Gatling. The tooling we built for packaging
load tests for running on multiple hosts and orchestrating those runs
isn't suitable for open-sourcing, but really all you need to do is scp
some files to multiple test runner machines, ssh to each in parallel to
run the simulation, and when every test has finished, scp the
simulation.log from each back to the machine orchestrating the test to
generate the report.
There is a brief section in the online docs about this: - basically, we
followed that suggestion with success.

Yes I saw the scaling out section, thanks a lot for your help. i will try that. i was hoping for something a bit more automated withing gatling but that would work.
They talk about having built in clustering support is planned for 2013 at!topic/gatling/PJbJxqfbTyc
but I am not sure if it was ever implemented