Reaching request per second in open loop


Hope everyone is doing fine. I have several URL’s (4 url’s) to inject load but in a open loop workload manner. While using throttle, it looks like a closed loop, meaning all the request first arrives in the first page and then go to second page only when all the request is served by the first page (first URL). but i want each user end up having the whole scenario and leave from the system. if i use constantUserPerSec, it works as open loop but i don’t have control on limiting specific amount of request per second or arrival rate. As example, i want to say 200 request per second is maximum or to configure different response per sec in different duration. is it possible? I tried to follow the documentation but couldn’t find a solution. Below is my scenario, where i don’t have the possibility to say how much the arrival rate will be over time.

So i want to declare different request arrival rate while it works as open loop scenario.

Any help?

val scn = scenario(“My e-commerce scenario”)


constantUsersPerSec(50) during(2 minutes),
constantUsersPerSec(20) during(2 minutes),
constantUsersPerSec(75) during(2 minutes),
constantUsersPerSec(20) during(2 minutes),
constantUsersPerSec(100) during(2 minutes),
constantUsersPerSec(20) during(2 minutes)


Wrong usage of “arrival rate”: arrival rate is the number of new users who arrive in your system, with is exactly what inject is about, be it constantUserPerSec or other profiles.

Gatling doesn’t currently support defining throughput per request.