Recording traffic from an device/app

I see the documentation only talks about recording the traffic from a browser by setting the proxy to localhost:8000.

I have a senario where I have to record the traffic from a device. Basically its an mobile app from which I want to record the REST endpoints called.
I do it by connecting my mobile to a hotspot from the mac and use dnsmasq to divert the traffic to localhost:8000 while the recorder is listing to 8000.

However in this case my device is neither able to connect to he internet nor anything shows up in the Gatling “Executed Events”.

How do I intercept the traffic in this case.

Apologies for the delay - this works for me RC2/osx, so where is the difference.

If you have read:

then we may need to refine the instructions based on your feedback.
possibly a new section for device over wifi in

I don’t need to use dnsmasq, so that may be part of the problem - why is that needed for you?

If your SUT is https then you will need to follow the certificates section if you are testing an app as the app will not pop up to help you accept the cert.

Not sure how many people if any have reviewed/ tested those instructions, so please do before RC3.