Recording traffic from Android app


I am totally new in Gatling. I have a question how to record HTTPS traffic.

Is it a good way to follow:

  1. Generate a Self-Signed-Certificate
  2. Install this certificate on Server and on Mobile device?
  3. Configure the recorder

Is it enough to be able to record the traffic.
Thank you for your help!

Hi, Can anybody know anything with this tool? This is very important, but it is hard to use it if nobody helps you. The documentation is so poor.


You’re using an open source project, so you can’t expect the same kind of service as a paying customer.

Regarding getting help on a community mailing list, I’d really love if people could be good open source citizens and help each other as much as them demand help from others. Sadly, that’s not how things work and such help comes when it comes.
What’s for sure is that ranting won’t make things happen any faster.

Regarding documentation, it lives in the repository along with the source and can be contributed too.

Then, if you need quick help, you can consider getting support from GatlingCorp and we’ll gladly help you.


Thank you for the response, I try to understand the documentation, do some moves but t doesn’t work. If I find the solution of course I will publish it.