recording using HArfile is incomplet


While recording scala script using attached HAR file observed only one request is getting converted. What can be wrong?


demostore.har (1.37 MB)

Because by default, the Recorder has the “no static resources” filters on.

Which tool have you used to record your HAR?

After filtering out the static resources matching the filters, there’s only 2 requests left.
Then, the second one is the redirect of the first one. As “follow redirect” is checked, it gets filtered out too.
In short, everything is as expected.

Hi Sephane,
Thanks for your reply. I am using the chrome developer option.
use case i have recorded is buying some item form
I have tried by check/uncheck “follow redirect” in the recorder screen, still the same behaviour. Do you think my HAr file is wrong?

Thanks & Regards,

Here’s what I have on my side:

cart/view request in my HAR is missing in your Scala version.


Absolutely not. Those are not present as requests in your HAR, only as initiator.

Ok, So which browser do you suggest to record a HAR file?


I don’t think it’s an issue with the tool.
Are you sure you’ve selected all the requests?