reduce number of useres during test

Is it possible to increase the number of injected users for a defined time in a test scenario and then reduce it again?

as example a test over 8 h:

1: 100 users
2: 100 users
3: 200 users
4: 100 users
5: 150 users
6: 100 users

7: 100 users
8: 100 users

Regards Jens

It depends on what you mean by "injected users’’.
If you’re talking about “users arrival rate” as in an open workload model, absolutely. “inject” takes a varags so you can pass multiple steps.
If you’re referring to “concurrent users in the system” as in a closed workload model, probably not. We don’t currently abort ongoing users in the middle of their scenario (which ones should we abort?).

I mean the useres in a open workload modell. I haveworks before with loadunner, there was is possible to add or remove useres on a defined time in a scenario. I will transfer this scenario vom Loadrunner to Gatling

I want to simulate a situation with overload and see how the system behaves when the load returns to normal load.

So that’s exactly what I explained: