Reg unable to test secure APIs

Dear Team,

I am new to gatling. While exploring the load testing features, I couldn’t solve this problem myself.

Scenario : When I try to test a secure API( the endpoint url starts with https://), I see the below error. connection timed out.

Script is here.

class BasicSimulation extends Simulation {

private val httpConf = http
.acceptHeader(" application/json")

private val scn: ScenarioBuilder = scenario(“Initial Scenario”)
.exec(http(“Get all posts”)
Proxy(“”, 8080)


Could someone please help.

Best Regards,
Satyasushma Chopparapu.

Is your proxy working properly? I had similar error when I debug via Fiddler and I forget to start it.

Hi, thanks for responding.

Yes, I believe the proxy is working fine as http ones are working.

Satyasushma Chopparapu