rampUsersBySec went way far from defined as max.

Hi Everyone,

I am new to gatling and I had this situation that seems weird… I had this setup:

browsing.inject(rampUsersPerSec(3) to(180) during(60 minutes))

I have this test running simultaneously in two different server so I was expecting having the maximum of 360 users.

But as you can see it went far from it.

Is this expected?

Thank you,

You’re confusing injectionRate and the number of concurrent users inside your system.

Thank you Stéphane,

All right! It makes sense now. it wasn’t that clear on documentation at least for me.

How could I simulate 1 up to 360 users by second during 60 minutes and have 360 as total by the end of the test?

rampUsers(360) over(60 minutes) ?