remove from JMS Oracle Queue

Good day,

For my project I have some JMS load tests. Although the JMS test runs “fine” I’ve noticed that all the tests take longer and longer to run. After a little researching i found that the source of the problem is that Gatling does not remove the message that are put on the out queue. After clearing the out queue, the performance was reset. But the test still takes longer to run, after each run of the simulation.

Is there a way for Gatling to remove a JMS message from the queue after the message was selected with the “selector” and verified with the "check(jmsproperty())?

For illustration I made this mock execution:

jms(“Mock scenario”)
.selector(“A selection’”)
.check(jmsProperty(“some field”, “some value”))

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Wouter Dekker

For the time being, I’m using an after() step in my simulation in which I call some SQL code to clear my queues.


Could you please explain what you’d like to happen in terms of JMS API?

I would like that Gatling would remove a message from the out queue when the JMS API finds a match on basis of the selector and checks given.

Sorry, this is a functional description of what you’re trying to achieve.
JMS is a Java API, I’m asking for the method calls and parameters needed for what you’re trying to achieve.