Repeat block not repeating

Hi, help me in spotting mistake here. why would the repeat not loop here?
it’s executing just once.
version : 3.3

val httpProtocol = http.baseUrl("")
  val scn: ScenarioBuilder = scenario("RT_TEST")


Sorry, we can’t help with legacy versions.

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Also, please be kind and don’t use our website as a target.

Finally, our website most likely use caching headers so it’s expected the request is only performed once.

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No of course not. that was just for an example.
got your caching header point. new info!

Also regarding my recent topic on high calculated response time , it just clicked me in my build file for a long time I’ve been using
id “com.github.lkishalmi.gatling” as gradle plugin and not the officially supported one. Not sure if the issue is related. will do a run with the updated and version and the plugin to see if the issue persists.

Thanks and sorry for missing the point.