.repeat in scenario to repeat same http request multiple times

Hello there,
I use Gatling 3.2.1.

In my gatling script I have `.repeat` like below.
When I run this, only the first repeat block works and the repeat block at the end is ignored. Any idea what am I doing wrong?

var protocol : Protocol = http.disableCaching.disableWarmUp.

val scenarioA = scenario ("A")
.repeat(2) {
.repeat(5) {

I have tried various combinations of `.disableCaching` `.disableWarmUp` `.enableHttp` in `http`, but still no luck.

Highly appreciate your help.

Many thanks.


Make sure you don’t break your execution chains. Notice “exec(getRequest2)” lacks a leading dot. Start there and see where that takes you.

Thanks a lot.

(It's amazing to see what difference a tiny dot could make)