Request metrics for Graphite

Hello everyone,

I’m testing gatling with influxdb.
As in the doc

Request metrics

Requests metrics give you, for each request (or all requests using allRequests) and by status (OK, KO and both) :

  • count : requests/sec
  • min and max : Min and Max response time for the request
  • percentilesXX : First and second percentiles, as defined in gatling.conf (defaults are 95th and 99th percentiles)

I have max and min response time for my request.

But when I check all value in influxdb, for the same timestamp, the max value is smaller than the min value. Is it normal? Thanks for your help!


time value

time value


This shouldn’t be the case. I am using the 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT and here is a snippet from my Gatling measurement:

To debug, point your graphite host to localhost in your gatling.conf and ‘nc -l 2003’