response time is not real

i have a rest api that takes max 150 ms but when i run it in gatling it takes always 1 second.
is there something i need to configure?

There’s no reason for such a difference.
Just beware that Gatling accounts for DNS lookup and connection establishment

I have used gatling for few rest api load tests and didn’t see response time differences. It could be that when you were running your tests, maybe some other process was running on server.

what do you mean my your last sentence?

i understand, but i have checked in the same time:

  1. by rest api chrome tool
  2. gatling
    and still see that gatling give me 1 second

okay i have found the reason:
in my api i need to use also authorization.
there are 2 authorization mechanisms:

  1. digestAuth
  2. basicAuth

i have started with the digest one and so i have got up than 1000 ms.
when i switch to the basic one it starts shows me the correct and expected results.
and actually we use the basic one in our jmeter. so the basic must be used and not the degest.
the digest is more complex and so take higher response time.

here is a good article on the diff between those 2:

Glad you found an explanation.
Yet, the much higher response time seems fishy.