There is huge difference in response time when load is executed with Gatling

actual response time is below 100ms

Hi again ^^

Only one request is not really significant, but let’s try to understand why such a BIG difference.

At first sight, I think that 3 reasons may be involved:

DNS resolution

Can you try bypassing any DNS communication by writing your server ip in your /etc/hosts?
This is to ensure that the DNS is involved or not.

In that case, you should look after your DNS resolution in both system if they point to the same server.

TLS verification

Does your request point to an https URL?
So, the encryption and the verification time may be different depending on your configuration in both of your systems.

Proxy configuration

In a corporate network (or custom network at home), it may differs from operating system how to properly configure your proxy settings.

Does that helps in any way?
Waiting for your feedbacks ^^

The difference is so huge that the only sane explanation is that there’s something broken with your network between your Linux host and your application server.

with the same settings and same test machine with different tool i’m getting response which is below 100ms, So if there are any of the above settings issue i should have faced same response lag with that as well. which is confusing.

Any chance your target application’s HTTP/1.1 support is broken and requires HTTP/2 to work properly?

Also, what happens when you don’t just run one single request? Remember this is a load test tool (hence for lots of requests) and the JVM has to warm up.
Finally, which Java version are you using?

Finally, can you reproduce your issue with the computerdatabase.BasicSimulation sample that is shipped with the Gatling bundle?

I’m running HTTPS request

Java, just started with single request have not tried bulk

Getting timeout exception

Your Gatling machine doesn’t have access to the application you’re testing. Most likely blocked by a proxy or a firewall.
Is this computerdatabase.BasicSimulation?

Java is pretty old. Could you please install latest Java 17 please? Java Download | Java 8, Java 11, Java 13 - Linux, Windows & macOS