Response truncated by recorder

When recording actions by Gatling Recorder, I found one page couldn’t be rendered because its response was truncated. Normally it should have about 52KB html received but when going through recorder, only first 383 bytes were received. No exception captured in console or logged. I’m using Gatling 2.0.0-M3a. Anyone has ideas?

Does this happen also with the current snapshot?

Can you share a test case so we cab reproduce?

I found the cause. It’s due to url decoded by Recorder (version 2.0.0-M3a). I’m now using version 1.5.3 and the problem doesn’t happen.

Actually it’s not the response being truncated, but the request was decoded by Recorder so web server returned a wrong response.

Could you share the expected url and the one being sent by the recorder, please?

original url looks like this:

after going through recorder, “%3D” is decoded to “=”

Thanks! Will investigate as soon as I can.

Actually, the recorder in master seems to be working properly.
Could you give it a try, please?

issue not reproduced with this snapshot.

Thanks for your feedback!