Gatling [2] recorder https proxy halts

I am trying to record a session in https.
proxy settings are localhost:8000 for http and https. In IE it does not record anything. When using Firefox the recording starts, the first page with some links is displayed (but with no images) and when clikcing on a link, the page just reloads. No link is being opened.
Must be some kind of security issue, i guess, but I don’t know how to move forward. I have turned on logging, but can’t see any errors being logged.
Any ideas? I am a beginner, have searched for information on this, but nothing was found.

Hi try reviewing -

I have tried that, nothing works.
I have messed around with certificates as well. Adding them, moving them, deleting them. Nothing works.
I now do get an error message indicating that there is something with the certificate. It says that that the issuer is not trusted and the cert can only be used by Gatling. But I cannot add an exception. It does not matter if I remove all Gatling certs and all certs related to the site, the same error is displayed.
I have seen a couple of issues in the group dealing withthe same thing, but none of them had any answers on how they moved forward. I am completely stuck. I guess Gatling is not the thing to use when you are using https encoding…

Hi Mia,

The problem here with certificates is fundamentally tied to how the Recorder’s “proxy mode” works.
The “proxy mode” works as a MITM (Man In the Middle), which is usually something you don’t want, unless it can prove useful, like in the Recorder’s case.
But we can’t blame browsers for trying to protect you from potential attacks, and the Recorder looks just like one…

As the Recorder’s “proxy mode” is inevitably surrounded with some SSL certificates issues, I suggest that you use the Recorder’s “HAR converter” mode. (you can switch modes using the dropdown on the first panel of the Recorder, top right).
You can recorder HAR (Http ARchive) files using Chrome Dev Tools, Firefox + Firebug + Netexport, etc… and then simply select the HAR file you want to convert and Gatling will convert it to a simulation.

As HAR files are created from your browsers, they are not burdened with the SSL issues of the “proxy mode”.

Hope this helps !



Hi Mia,

James Pickering submitted a fix for an issue that has broken https recording in various ways.

This should now be in the snapshot,URL for which is the link for “sonatype” on the page:

Understandably defects can be frustrating. Gatling is well suited for https recording. In 2.1+ we should(must) progress a lot further, especially given the past experience that many have had with other open source tools:

“requiring complex correlation and parameterization – open source load testing tools were just not adequate. Not to mention lack of reporting and monitoring integration”



thank you so much for your quick and helpful reponse!
I downloaded the new package and it worked on the first run. I am glad that I can continue working with Gatling, it seems like a relevant tool for load testing, meeting our expectations well in all relevant areas, so I am glad this could be worked out!