Results folder name without the appended timestamp??

Is there a way to name the results folder without the appended time stamp? For my runs, it generates the folder as eligibility-1454344514670. I want it to be just, ‘eligibility’. And more specifically, I would like to set it using the Maven extension. Here is my pom.xml
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UTF-8 io.gatling.highcharts gatling-charts-highcharts 2.1.7 test io.gatling gatling-maven-plugin 2.1.7 integration-test src/test/scala src/test/resources src/test/resources/data src/test/resources/bodies target/gatling/results eligibility execute `


A work around could be to use rename the folder after execution




This will create report in target/gatling/results/report123456 folder

Rename it

mv target/gatling/results/report* target/gatling/results/site



I tried changing the conf value you mentioned. For me the folder name still didn’t change. It’s not appending the text to my folder name.

Hi all,

I am newbie on scala, Is there any way(method) to initialize ‘time stamp’ in scala code or script.
Please help!

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Praveen Mourya

Thanks Subin Sugunan, at least for jenkins HTML Reporting , the rename approach solved it.


please post the answer . How can we rename the folder name and file name using maven