Results folder with time format for timestamp

Hi guys,

As I understand from configuration file and other related topics I can’t format timestamp that is appended to results folder.
Am I right?

Current example of results forlder - aclsimulation-1474722809884
I would like to have - aclsimulation-2016.01.01_13.01.58.321


You’re right. And we won’t support that. You can rename the folder yourself after the run.

Hi Stephane,

Thanks for your quick response.

Do you have any reasons not to support this? Or it’s possible to make a pull request on github for this feature?

Currently I see two possible fixes for this:

  1. More flexibility
    Add a new configuration field ‘timestampFormat’ where user can specify any time format like ‘yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.sss’ but not allowed charachers like ‘:’ will be replaced with ‘.’.

  2. Less flexibility
    Add a new configuration field ‘prettyTimestampFormat’ where by default value is ‘false’ and the output timestamp will be as right now, but with ‘true’ value it will be in ISO 8601 - 2016-09-25T06.02.38.000

What do you think?

Because this doesn’t bring any value in Gatling.
It would only serve a purpose in the custom integration you do with Gatling, hence should be part of this integration.

It brings value for users to quickly understand to what results folder I should go.

I run gatling tests from command line and don’t use any other integration tools.
I run multiple times the same simulation.
As a result in ‘results’ folder I’ll have such folders:


And I want to open the latest results.

Unfortunately, with such folder names it’s not obvious to which I should go. Their names is not user friendly.


ls -lt

# long listing with newest file first.

I agree with Adrian here: I don’t get how formatted dates would help more than timestamps in order to get folders sorted.

Regarding date formats, US users sadly don’t have the same definition of user friendliness.

Finally, formatted date might be more convenient for some users, but timestamps are definitively more convenient for programs.

Thanks guys for your feedback!