Inconsistent Max page response time shown on Gatling Reports

Hi All,

I’ve been using Gatling for some time now and it’s pretty robust. GJ and thanks for your continued support to this project.

We are running tests on a web application and are using grouping in our simulation so that the pages appear consolidated in the reports. In few of the test the Max Response time for an individual page doesn’t make sense. Take a look at the screenshot below form a detail view on that individual request (group). On the left, it shows that all the request t > 1200 ms but on the right “STATISTICS” section the Max Response time is 373.

And here is the global view. The Max response time on the Group is 373 for some reason.

Note that there was one timeout exception (java.util.concurrent.
TimeoutException) which basically terminated after 60 seconds. I’m wondering if you can shed some light on how the Max Response time was calculated in this case. Perhaps this is a bug? or we don’t have the simulation configured correctly?

Please let me know if you need any additional info (simulation DSL or simulation.log etc).

Gatling Version : 2.0.0-RC5
gatling-maven-plugin with Jenkins


PS: I’m hoping this may be a bug patched with the latest version of Gatling :slight_smile:

PS: I'm hoping this may be a bug patched with the latest version of
Gatling :slight_smile:

It most probably is:

Thanks for the quick reply. The link you provided talks about marking the GROUP as KO if one of the HTTP request runs into timeout. That’s great.

One final question though, I’d like to know where the 373 ms MAX response time for group is coming from? or are you saying that’s as bug and fixed with latest version as well?

Thank you!