Rolling up errors when using responseTimeInMillis.lessThan


We use gatling extensively, and normally part of our check block includes specifying a maximum allowable response time for a request, for example

http("GET /foo") .get("/foo") .check(, responseTimeInMillis.lessThan(10000) )

However, when using this the generated reports include a unique row for every failure if the response time is even a ms different to another failure rate, something like

responseTime.find.lessThan(10000), but actually 10532 is not less than 10000

For example, in a recent test we ran, the errors page looks like this

This goes on for pages, with a quick grep there are over 30,000 lines displaying these errors. Since they come above the graphs it makes navigating the reports particularly difficult, and the output isn’t all that useful since I’d like to see a summary in the style of

Error: responseTime.find.lessThan(10000) but actually is not less than 10000, Count: 1234, Percentage: 42%

I’m currently doing this in a quickly hacked up post-processor for the simulation log but I can’t help but feel there should be an easier way.

Any ideas?