Run Single Scenario

Greetings Gatling Users,

I am working on creating a POC for this Sprint using Gatling for a basic local API to learn Gatling. So far I’ve been able to setup a project and create multiple scenarios, but I want to run a the “Work-In-Progress” scenario instead of the entire collect. As more scenarios are created the wait gets longer and longer which makes scenario troubleshooting painful.
I’ve search through a ton of blogs/articles/StackOverflow posts but I haven’t found anything that works. Is there a way in Gatling to run the current scenario that you are working on WITHOUT running every scenario in your project. I come from the Front-End testing work using Protrator or Codeception which have Group/Suite annotations like @group=singleTest then you run it with codecept run group banana. I’ve been looking for something similar with Gatling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please Note:

  • I am completely new to Java and Scala so I am learning it all currently.

Thank you much,
John S.

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