Running Gatling on Jenkins

Looking to run some Gatling tests on Jenkins. Have never used either product and would highly appreciate it if someone could point me in the general direction of a setup and or configuration tutorial.


This is the steps i took.

  1. install gatling jenkins plugin -
  2. i created a maven project assuming you have a maven project.
    2.1 provide a repository url in source code management (since the my script is in Git)
    2.2 provide the branch if you have multiple branches
    2.3 check build periodically and provide the time if you want it to build periodically
    2.4 Build
    2.4.1 maven version …
    2.4.2 root pom …
    2.4.3 goals and options - gatling:test -Dgatling.simulationClass=yourSimulationClass
    2.5 Post-build actions
    2.5.1 track a gatling load simulation
    2.5.2 check enable simulation tracking.

I hope this will help you.