Running recorder on same port as custom application returns "address already in use: bind" error

I am running the recorder at port 7400. This is also the port my application is running on. And, I have configured the browser proxy to 7400.

When I start the reocrder, I get message “address already in use: bind” error

Kindly advise.


Please note I have tomcat running on 7400/7800, so I don’t know how to run Recorder on these port for recording simuliations.

Please advise.


You have to do the exact opposite: use a different, unused port!

Thanks. Please note that I am making a REST call from my application and so I run Recorder on 8080 (also configured browser to use Recorder proxy). I run my REST app on port 7400/7800, however no transactions get recorded. Is there a special configuration for REST calls?

Thanks much.