Recorder can not record !

Hey everyone,

This morning i downloaded gatling 1.3.5 and since…my recorder can’t record any simulation.
I changed my path, i configured my proxy and tested with excilys website but nothing…

Gatling.bat is ok

Any idea ?

Thanks !

Hi Lucie,

Are you 100% sure that your browser is properly configured to use
the recorder as a proxy?
Have you configured filters that might actually filter out everything?


My problem is solved. It was due to several things like my proxy’s configuration, internet connection, etc.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


2012/12/17 Stéphane Landelle <>

No pro, glad you could solve it :slight_smile:

Dear Stephane,

I am also having the same problem… my recorder is running but it is not capturing any traffic, I don’t know how to configure my browser to use my recorder as proxy, and one more thing, I just want to know if at all I am using groovy scripts to fire the request (soap request) How can I configure proxy in that case,

Please help me…


There’s a wiki page regarding how to configure the Recorder on a web browser:

Regarding SOAP request, it really depends on the SOAP client you want to use for recoding.
For example, here’s the documentation for SoapUI: