Running the engine class through Gradle

In Gradle I can run all simulations using gatlingRun. It would be beneficial to be able to run the engine classes’ main method to do debugging of 1 simulation at a time. What is the best way to accomplish this in Gradle?

I know its possible by using the application plugin however I am not sure what else I would need to configure to satisfy the various things that the gatling plugin sets up.

Have you read the documentation of our gradle plugin? What you’re asking for is built in.

I have read that section of the documentation.

Is this what you are referencing?

Run a single simulation by its FQN (fully qualified class name):

gradle gatlingRun-com.project.simu.MySimulation

Because that is not what I am asking for. I would prefer to have the entry point be the Engine class which as I understand is not a simulation so I could not use the above to run the engine class.

If it is discouraged to use the Engine class, then please inform me.

The Engine class is only meant as a helper to launch Gatling from your IDE.