SBT plugin bug/enhancement request: make compile work on the src/it folder

I noticed that “sbt ~compile” will watch the src/it folder, and trigger a compile if anything in it changes. However, it doesn’t actually compile anything in that folder. In order to compile the src/it folder, I have to run “sbt ~it:compile”

Since “sbt ~compile” compiles both src/main and src/test, I assume it is a simple oversight causing it to not compile src/it. Thought you might like to know… :slight_smile:


I’ve never actually seen “sbt it:compile” successfully compile the classes in the src/it folder, either. It just sits there. I assumed it was because of the large data files being copied around, but it only takes so long to copy the data. After a while, I have to assume something is wrong.

Does “sbt it:compile” work for anyone else with 2.1.7 version of the plugin?

Okay, it took a REALLY long time to compile (805 seconds) but it claimed to be successful.

However when I try to run a test, it says “no tests to run for it:testOnly”

sbt “it:testOnly *.Refresh”

I am doing it right, yes?

Lest it be missed, the original issue is that:

sbt ~compile

only compiles classes in src/main and src/test, and ignores src/it. If it is possible to make it also compile src/it, that would be appreciated. I’m looking at the source to try to figure it out, but it is still pretty greek to me at this point. :slight_smile: