Scenario parameters

I'm trying to create a scenario where I upload files with gatling 2, and I'm having problems with the feeder parameters that I read from a csv file

The code I have is:

val scn = scenario("Scenario Test")
				.param("${file}", "${file}")
				.basicAuth("${username}", "${password}")
				.queryParam("operation", "upload")
				.queryParam("target", "/${site}/${folder}")

The most of the ${..} parameters are replaced with the correct values, but 
Is not replaced, and gets assigned to the string "${file}"
Any idea of that could be happening?



In 2M3a, this parameter was static and was not resolving EL and expressions.
This has already been changed in master and will be in 2M4.



Do you think master is stable enough to use in production or would be better to find a way to backport that code? (or try to do a work around )


What’s your definition for “stable enough to use in production”?
Think that Github was deployed almost 11.000 times in 2013…

then I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Here’s what’s left to do for 2M4: