Schedule a http call

Is it possible to schedule a http call in gatling like below

val scn = scenario(“My Simulation”)
.exec(getServerStatus) // schedule this call for every 1 min of simulation
.during(60 mins) {
feed(“feed users file”)
.exec(“http call 1”)
.exec(“http call 2”)
.pause(5 seconds, 10 seconds)

getServerStatus http call will be triggered for every 1 min. By any chance is this feature already exists ?

have a look at polling - in the documentation at

Thanks a lot James

A small correction in my request :slight_smile: looks like polling only works for request type “HttpRequestBuilder” but i need to poll gRPC call : something like this

Any idea ?

“small correction” LOL

This gRPC plugin is a third party that’s not maintained here.
You should reach out to its author directly, probably on Github.
Nothing we could do here.