Session variables handling

How do i refer a session variable from one scala file to another?

.exec(session => {
  val token = session("acmToken").as[String]
  val token2 = "Bearer " + token
  session.set("acmToken", token2)

I need to use acmToken variable in another class or store in scala variables

Hi @balaji,

As you set acmToken in session, you can retrieve it in another step (even in another scala file) from session as well.

See Session API - Getting Attributes.

As it’s stored in session, ensure that it is from the same virtual user (ie, in the same scenario).


can you please give some examples?
I need to use or store this acmtoken value in another variable

@GeMi provided some examples: Case0009SessionValuesSimulation

Thanks @GeMi :heart:


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this doesnt help me much as well. Its written in java
Can you please help here.

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