Set SSL session in Gatling 3


We have to set different keystore (p12 file) for every virtual user. We were using .disableClientSharing and setting the session attributes as below:

session =>
session.set(“gatling.http.ssl.keyStore.file”, session(“user”).as[String]+".p12")

This was working fine in Gatling 2.2. But, after switching to Gatling 3.0, I am not able to set the session as above. I know that the .disableClientSharing is removed in Gatling 3.0. Can you please suggest how I can do something like this in Gatling 3.0? I get the required response code if I configure the keystore in ‘gatling.conf’ file in Gatling 3.

Thank you for great product and support!

This feature (that was clearly implemented as a hack) hasn’t been ported in Gatling 3 yet.
That’s something we might consider for a future version.