Change the gatling.conf path at startup with a batch-file?

Hej Community,

I’d like to push some simulations to a repository. In order to make them run properly I need to make some changes in den gatling.conf.
The gatling.conf is also in the repository. There are a lot of options at startup, f.e. change simulation directory etc. but how can I point to the gatling.conf?

I tried with:

gatling -System.setProperty(“http.ssl.keystore:password”, “Bla”)


I think the hocon syntax is my proplem. Maybe someone can write a short example of how to change ssl keystore path & password settings within the batch file?

Thanks in advance & greetings from Germany :slight_smile:

If you are starting the test with Maven you can pass or override any settings in the config or pom file as arguments. Something like this

mvn gatling:execute -Dgatling.simulationsFolder=src/main/scala -Dgatling.configFolder=src/main/resources

Give that a try by swapping the config property that you want to change. Good luck.


Thanks for the hint.
I got it run properly with maven. :slight_smile: