Setting Up Different Injection Profiles For The Same Scenario

Gatling version: 3.11.2 (must be up to date)
Gatling flavor: java kotlin scala
Gatling build tool: maven gradle sbt bundle

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Lets say I have defined a Simulation, A, that consist of a single scenario with an injection profile that I believe simulates a Peak test.

I now want to create Simulation B, that consists of the same scenario, but I want to change the injection profile to simulate a Spike test.

Is it better to create a second simulation file that has the same scenario, but changes the injection profile, or is it recommended to use conditional logic + cmd line arguments to change the injection profile for Simulation A?

First Approach:

  • → Scenario 1 + Peak Injection Profile
  • → Scenario 1 + Soak Injection Profile

Second Approach:

  • + “-Dtype=Peak” → Scenario 1 + Peak Profile
  • + “-Dtype=Spike” → Scenario 1 + Spike Profile

Im thinking about this because as more simulations are added to the project, the list of simulations could grow quite large, even when the changes to simulation is the injection profile and nothing else.

Good evening,

If I understand correctly, you want to run a spike test and a peak test with the same simulation. Do you want the two to run independently or in parallel or one after the other?

For now, independently.

So in this case, the second approach is better