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Welcome in the Gatling community! Whether you are new to load testing or a proficient Gatling user, this place is designed for everyone to find information, help and get help!

What you can find here: release notes, bug reports, feature requests, blog posts, useful resources for beginners, special announcements from the Gatling team, and much more! And of course, a community ready to help you!

As the editor of Gatling and Gatling Enterprise, we are more than happy to spend as much time as we can to help you with everything related to Gatling and load testing!

Please, read carefully our guidelines!

We hope you will enjoy your load testing journey here!

We ask everyone involved in this community to follow these guidelines:

Please be courteous and respect everyone!

By the way, your answer is maybe out there! We have thousands of existing threads in this community, videos, blog posts, online courses (and of course our documentation!) where you can find useful information to let you start!

We, and our partners, also provide you with consulting services if you are looking for mentoring to help you bootstrap your simulations.

Quick check list for any bug you’d like to make us aware of:
• Are you using an up-to-date version of Gatling?
• Make your example as short as possible and provide only relevant information. It will help us investigate your issue more quickly!
• And, of course, make sure that your example is compilable!
• Please, search for any similar thread before posting a new one! Your issue may has already been resolved!

Ask your questions but also share your knowledge!

Load testing is a complex topic, involving technical skills, methodology and business strategies. The Gatling team is committed to help every organization, as much as we can but feel free to step in and share your knowledge! This place is for everyone and is meant to be collaborative!

This isn’t a place for business

We are an open-source editor and our incomes come from our consulting customers and Gatling Enterprise customers. We reserve the right to moderate any message that would promote another company, technology, or website.

If you are looking for partnerships, please contact us at: partnerships@gatling.io. If you have complaints about our moderation policy, please contact us at contact@gatling.io.

Meet. Share. Improve. These are the values we’d like to share in this place. We hope you will enjoy coming here regularly!

Welcome again in the Gatling community! Let’s chat!

The Gatling team