SOAP request and digest authentificationError


I’m trying to inject a soap request to a http digest authentification URL, but I got errors and I do need help…thanks a lot!

I tried 2 senarios, none of them works. I tried the same soap request (without generation the header with wsse secutiry) in SOAPUI
Generally speaking, on the console I got the error :,304,201,202,203,204,205,206,207,208,209), but actually found 500

In log files I got the error:
BEA-386201 - A web service security fault occurred[{}Receiver][Unknown exception, internal system processing error.] - soap:ReceiverUnknown exception, internal system processing error.

My 1st senario:

val request = StringBody("""<soap:Envelope>

val httpConf = http
  .acceptEncodingHeader("""gzip, deflate""")
  .userAgentHeader("""Apache-HttpClient/4.1.1 (java 1.5)""")

val scn = scenario("myTest")
  .repeat(1) {
       .header("Content-Type", """text/xml;charset=UTF-8""")
      .header("Accept-Encoding", """gzip, deflate""")
      .header("Connection", """keep-alive""")


=> I tried to add " val headers_0 = Map(""“SOAPAction”"" → “”"""""")" But it doesn’t work neither.

Then I tried my seconde senario (file senario2prt.txt attached):
=> Adding the soapHeader with userName, digestpassword ,nonce and date => still doesn’t work…could anyone help???Thanks a lot!!

senario2prt.txt (1.78 KB)

Sorry, but that’s the kind of question/issue that’s difficult to answer/fix without getting a reproducer.
Could you please either share access to such application, or provide a sample app?