Issue with Digest Authentication

I was trying to load test the Management API of WildFly but I’m encountering a strange issue.
I’m moving some Apache JMeter scenario to Gatling but I’m getting 401 when trying to authenticate.
I’ve tried both digest and basic auth mecanisms but I’m still getting 401.
I’vetried to port manually the JMeter scenario, then record it and even record the scenario from my browser.
The replays are failing.

As you can see the test is quite basic.

val uri = “

val httpProtocol = http

val scn = scenario(“WTFSimulation”)
.digestAuth(""“admin”"", “”“performanceTest1!”"")


Also when using JMeter + Apache HttpClient 4 I’m seeing the same issue while with the 3.1 client all is ‘green’.

To reproduce :

  1. Download and unarchive WildFly 9-Beta2 from
  2. add a user “admin” with password : “performanceTest1!” in ManagementRealm (default) using WILDFLY_HOME/bin/
  3. You can test the scenario with your browser going to localhost:9990/management

Fixed, thanks for reporting!