SOAP service can test using Gatling?

Please confirm can we test performance of a SOAP service using Gatling. If yes then is there any example available?

Jawad Naeem

Yes, Gatling supports SOAP web services without any issue.
It’s just the same as any other REST API test.

Both SOAP and REST use HTTP to send requests and receive responses. The difference lies in (perhaps) which headers are sent/received, and the most obvious one, the request/response body format. REST uses JSON, whereas SOAP uses XML. Gatling has support for making XPATH assertions, so it will work just fine for SOAP. And Scala has support for conveniently building XML strings. So, all in all, it should be pretty easy. Get familiar with the Gatling DSL in general by following the tutorial. Understand what it does and how it works, and you should have what you need to get started. If you get stuck, ask a specific question and we’ll help you get unblocked.

Hi jarrowwx,
Could you Please write one sample example for SOAP webservice.