and client initiated pings

Hello all,

I’m really enjoying working with Gatling, usually I’m able to do everything I need there. However there’s this one thing I couldn’t solve so far. Our web application is using and pings are initiated by a client. If a client doesn’t send a ping within a specified interval, server disconnects the client. Now I can send pings randomly throughout the scenario to keep the connection alive, but that’s not really a good solution. Do you have any idea how this could be achieved? How to create some loop in the background which will send a message after some time, or periodically interrupt the scenario to send a message?

Thank you!


It would probably be nice to be able to periodically send ping frames.
Contributions are very welcome.

Hi Stéphane,

thanks for your reply. I think this feature request could solve my problem and couple of other problems too:

Unfortunately I can do no Scala, so I’m pretty useless in this case :confused:

Thank you for Gatling and keep up the good work!