Starting Scenario on the end of another scenario

Hi Gatling experts.

I need execute scenario at the end of some other scenarios.

how can I do this ?

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure you don’t actually want a scheduler to run 2 Simulations one after another?

Thanks for quick response.

I should clean up gatling-simulation users at the end of load test.
I don’t know exactly when load scenario finishing. It takes more time ,then I put in “during” (4 -8 minutes when during=12 hours).

It looks like you’d like to reuse Gatling’s HTTP utilities to perform system initialization and clean up.
At best, you can have dedicated simulations for this (either wrap the launch script, or use a real scheduler, like Jenkins), but this is a workaround and Gatling is not intended for this. The proper way to restore your system is a database backup, a VM image, etc.