Subscribe checks for multiple messages real-time WebSocket

I’am using Galting and in the web socket stress test I use the subcribe method to test the correct read real -time notifications. For one request I expect response in multiple messages.

Does gatling dsl support this case? Do you have any plans to support “one request - multiple responses” case?

I found similar question in SO (GATLING - Subscribe checks for multiple messages real-time WebSocket - Stack Overflow) without response.

Have you first checked the documentation? Gatling - WebSocket

Thanks for you support.

But as I can see we can check only expected count of messages and can not process unlimited (unknown count) of messages. So I can not check every message during simulation.
This case is not covered with gatling documentation.

OK, so you’re expecting an undefined number of messages. This information was missing from your original question.
How do you detect that you’ve received the last message? Can’t you use the matching filter for this?

I would like to receive all messages from server during simulation. For each message I would like to verify a computable condition like delay of event is less than X.

From documentation and api sources I can not understand how to implement an unbounded loop of processing incoming messages.

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