Info check in the subscribe mode websocket (Gatling version 3.2) STRESS TEST IN memory Broker

I’am running 2 scenario

  1. One HTTP that sends a lot of notifications (in broadcasting)

  2. One WEB Socket that receives the notifications in real-time.

  3. scnNotificationGeneration produces N notifications in S seconds

  4. scnUserReceiverWs with this check:

val answerEventCheck = ws.checkTextMessage("<<RECEIVER Notification received")

capture only M notifications where M<N (N are all notifications waited)

When the WebSocket scenario call the SUBSCRIBE method, in this part receive the notifications: with this code I receive not all the notifications waited (N) but only a part of them and then the scenario web socket ends with the disconnect.

I would modify this part:

.exec(ws("<<RECEIVER - SUBSCRIBE")
.await(seconds seconds)(answerEventCheck)

and await until the HTTP scenario ends or when I recevied all notifications waited (real-time in broadcast generated from the sender).

I have the counter of notifications and then I can check the notification received in the SUBSCRIBE answerEventCheck.

Any suggest?

I use the 3.2 Gatling version

The goal of this STRESS Test is to stress ON-MEMORY broker STOMP in order to understand where is the load maximum of notifications.



StompRealTimeStressTest.txt (7.88 KB)