Tag Event in Recorder

Hello !
It seems that the Tag function in Recorder doesn’t work. Wiki says :

Tag Events

To make your scenario more understandable, you can add tags, they will appear as comments in the scenario: /* my tag */

To add a tag, fill in the text field provided and press the Add button. After that, the tag will be displayed in the list below.

In the Recorder’s list we can see the Tag : it’s Ok. But no comment relative to the tag is present in the generated scenario.

Are we missing something ?

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This is probably a bug.
Let me check.

2012/9/26 DeV@n <vanpeperstraete.d@mipih.fr>

You can find a snapshot here:

Thanks for reporting,


2012/9/26 Stéphane Landelle <slandelle@excilys.com>

Thanks a lot !