New To Gatling

Hi Team,

I am new to Performance and Gatling tool… I have gone through quick start & advanced documentation in Gatling. I have even tried recording through Gatling, it worked fine. But I still have some queries:

  1. How to enter text in a text box, select a value in a drop down field or click on a link? [action against UI web elements]
  2. How exactly to filter out the essential part of code that got automatically generated out of recording because it has list of other unwanted web elements/ other background web process.


I think you need below approach to be performance expert or starter level.

  1. Read and understand basic concepts of Performance Testing.
    e.g. Workload modeling, scnearios, Application Performance KPI’s, How to use tools in generating load in sync with user behavior, etc.

  2. Read Gatling documentation @

  3. Download the tools and use the sample application with gatling tool.

  4. stat capturing/recording calls using Gatling recorder.
    5.understand and customize the requests as per requirment.
    6.setup simulation scenario for single users and multiple users.
    7.try to run some dry runs
    8.execute the tests
    9.modify the scripts as per requirement.

  5. execute tests and report the results.

Hi priya lakshmi,

can you help me on recording with Gatling
because after recording, I am not able to see simulation files generated.