Talk | Stéphane Landelle's Load Testing Crash Course at Devoxx BE

Hi Gatling Testers!

While working with our future prospects, we are often confronted to a situation most of us have already experienced:

« QA had thoroughly tested the new release and yet … we still crashed. » :smiling_face_with_tear:

If this has ever happened to you, congrats, you’ve already made the right decision because that’s where you need load testing and with Gatling is the best move! :partying_face:

In his talk at Devoxx BE, our founder and CTO Stéphane Landelle gives you some basics about load testing, how to avoid common pitfalls and how to build efficient load tests with Gatling and Java. That way, you got everything needed to make sure your app works for the end users in the production environment, and not just in QA! :rocket:

:point_right: Load Testing Crash Course with Gatling by Stéphane Landelle - YouTube