TCP Connections Events per Second

Hi All,

While executing in Gatling frontline, I am watching injector’s health, there i could see in “TCP Connections Events per Second” section, huge number of active opening and very less number of established.

For eg: active openings i could see as 27 per sec and established one is less than 1 per sec.

Can some one explain what does active opening means? is it already established connection or requests are waiting for connections? and also what does established stands for?



The proper place for questions related to FrontLine (I guess on the AWS MarketPlace) is the dedicated Service Desk.
Please look for “support” on the AWS Marketplace page.

active openings = client tries to open a TCP connection (sends a SYN).
established = open connections

It looks like your injectors can’t open connections to your system under load.
Possible causes:

  • wrong subnet or security groups configuration
  • anti DDoS protections.