Waiting vs active users


Can anyone help me understand the basic difference between waiting and active here please? Couldn’t find it in the gatling documentation.

Active = requests for these VUs are already sent but waiting for response for app/server?
Waiting = requests pending to be sent/fired? But why or for what it is pending?

For eg of open workflow model, if i say constantUsersPerSec(5), then it should make all 5 requests every second to the server Not wait on some condition and then send the req , correct?

Thanks in advance.


A long time I didn’t check the code about that, but my understanding is as follows:

For a sample simulation


It means there should be 100 users total.

In a point in time, some virtual users have already done all their requests, some have started and therefore are active and some are not active yet: waiting

About your last question, I assume you only have one request per virtual user.
constantUsersPerSec may not starts all the users at the same instant, but dispatch them during the interval (one second is a long time for a computer).

Please have a look at the documentation: https://gatling.io/docs/current/general/reports/#active-users-over-time