Testing json web service

I need to simulate load on a json web service.
It is possible to json encode a request and to json decode the
response ?

Hi Paul,

I still have to write the WebService cookbook page on the Wiki…
You don’t have to handle JSON this way (encode/decode).

What you can do is:



2012/4/4 Paul Langeard <agpaul5@gmail.com>

Tanks Stéph,
I Will check that and provide my feedback :).

downloaded the last version of gatling, I discover the json-support
branch (https://github.com/excilys/gatling/tree/json-support).
Did youo have more information about ?

This branch has more or less been dropped.
It was a tentative for XPath-like checks on JSON document based in Jackson Streaming API.

This approach was way too limited in regard to XPath features, so I finally implemented in the master a Jaxen implementation based on Jackson Tree Model.
This approach is less efficient as the whole DOM-like object tree is loaded in memory, but it should support XPath 1.0.

2012/4/6 Paul Langeard <agpaul5@gmail.com>