Testing - Mix Gatling and ScalaTest

I have a bunch of library code that supports my Gatling simulations. I’m about to do some significant refactoring, and I’d like to have some unit tests to verify the before and after.

Some of those library functions manipulate the session. Can I create a Session object to pass to them without starting a whole Gatling Simulation? Or would that be diving too deep into the internals of Gatling to be supported?

Other library functions generate the DSL structure for making specific http calls. Does there exist a library that I can instantiate in my unit test that will stand up a mock web server, which will listen on port XYZ and return exactly what I tell it to return, so I can inspect the request details as part of my unit test? Or, do you just point your tests at a static web page out there in the wild used just for running the Gatling unit tests?

Along those lines, can I trigger a Gatling simulation within a ScalaTest unit test? More importantly, SHOULD I? Or would that be bad?

Hi John.
You can try http://wiremock.org/stubbing.html for your mock web server.
good luck.

Thanks, I’ll give that a look-see