Testing performance of web based application(JIRA)

Dear Members,

we have one web based applicatoin(JIRA- I hope you are aware).Currently this application is slow. It has around 200k transactions(issues) ,we believe that if we delete few thousand say 35k transactions(issues) we can see performance improvement.

we want to major the performance improvement in numbers , I mean some data that would reflect that performance really improved after deletion.

eg X transactions took Y seconds before deletion and now after deletion x transactions taking Y seconds.

I need your suggestions -

  1. how we can achieve this using Gatling
  2. so that we have performance data Before deletion and after deletion.

currently I am just using a Recorder and recorded few scenarios eg. create one transaction(issue in JIRA) , I am planing to do the same after I have deleted the transaction from the application but this does not give me data like X transactions took Y seconds.

your help would be much appreciated.

Thank you all.
Amit Raj

If your transactions take multiple request/response then you can combine them together using group function.


ok thank you Abhinav