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A website I am currently testing is noticeably slow in terms of our widgets/components appearing on the front end. On some pages maybe close to 10s before a user will see something by which time they will have left the site :frowning: .

The majority of the site uses a CMS with some 3rd party integrations for streaming/cookies etc. I wanted to get some guidance on what type of script I could create to test the frequency of response times.

At the moment I do not need to perform any performance testing of scale because the website without traffic is underperforming.

I will need to speak with the devs but would it be best to use the recorder to identify the requests made to our cms and hit that with maybe 1 request every 5 secs up to maybe 100 in total to get a view of what time of response times we are dealing with?

Thank you

Are you sure it is about browser/server communication? A lot of website are slow because of the bloated javascript as well.

To speak with anyone, it is best to have figures to show. Bring some prove of your arguments.

A small scenario through recorder that you play 10 times sequentially may be a good start to discuss with the dev teams. (10 times to be sure it’s not once in a while, sequentially, because you wrote there is already an noticeable slowness).

Great timing Sebastien! Was just working on my script.

The update I got was that config rules applied to the widgets in the CMS are affecting the backend to cause the page to load a lot longer. Regardless I’m creating a quick script via the HAR converter and tidying it up.

I just need to steal a snippet from one of the tutorials as well to ensure the page does not cache and like you said run it for x amount of times and see what the performance is like before and after our fix.

Hopefully we see we see an improvement :slight_smile:

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